The Secret Life of Fat: The Course.

Learn the FACTS about weight loss. And put them to work for you!

Dieting is hard.

How can you succeed against the odds?

By using the latest scientific research.

Dieting is never easy. And when you succeed, keeping the weight off seems to be even harder. This is not your fault. Your genes, age, gender, hormones, viruses, bacteria, diet-history all conspire to make losing fat hard and keeping it off even harder.

But you can win. It's a cliché, but Knowledge is Power. Knowing why your body reacts as it does, lets you plan a workable diet regimen that will fit your lifestyle.

And you'll have the right mindset to stick to your plan.

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Forget a new diet. Try a new lifestyle.

There are many factors to making a diet work.


A diet has to work for you psychologically, socially, and biologically.​

Most important is to find a regimen that you will stick with for life.. Not the latest quick-fix fad that others lose 10-pounds a week on. (Check on them in six months!)


The Secret Life of Fat: The Course will guide you to find an effective lifestyle that you can live with and that matches your Fat Blueprint.

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Stop Yo-Yo dieting.

You've lost weight and gained it back several times. You've tried every diet.

The bad news? You may have made your fat more stubborn.

The good? There is hope. You can gain control over your fat and its tricks to fight back and stay on you.  


Sylvia Tara has outlined a plan for you to apply the science to beat YOUR fat.

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Your Journey
Step 1: Science as the Foundation
Step 2: Decoding Your Current Fat Blueprint
Step 3: War & Peace: Fat is Functional (and the Body Fights to Keep It)
Step 4: Engineer Your New Fat Blueprint
Step 5: Mind Over Fat

There is so much information to apply in The Secret Life of Fat. How do you wrap your head around it all?


And how do you apply the science to beat YOUR fat? Easy.

Let Sylvia Tara, be your virtual coach!

In over two hours of videos and activities, this course will explain the science of fat and show you how to Decode and Re-Engineer Your Fat Blueprint -- understand the individual drivers of your stubborn fat and use that knowledge to finally win your battle with fat.

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