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The Fat Lab: A Science-Based Approach to Lasting Weight Loss.

Learn the FACTS about weight loss. And put them to work for you!

If you consider yourself someone who has to “fight” to lose weight, or if you feel like keeping the pounds off is a constant “battle,” then pay attention.

I’m Dr. Sylvia Tara, author of The Secret Life to Fat, and if my research into fat and weight loss has proven one thing, it’s that the battle to lose weight is
NOT A FAIR FIGHT and that some people deal with more stubborn fat than others.


My research has also shown me that the latest fad diet (whatever that is) is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and for most people, following a fad diet (one that leads to temporary weight loss only) does way more harm than it does good.

This is not your fault.

Each person is unique, and the only way long-term weight loss can be achieved is through careful assessment of that individual from a science-based perspective.

Only after factors like age, gender, family history, diet history, and lifestyle are taken into consideration can a diet and eating plan -- a lifestyle -- be designed.

I call this Engineering Your Fat Blueprint, and if you’d like to follow a science-based method in order to create your own, then I invite you to join me in

The Fat Lab

The Fat Lab is an online course where I not only share the science behind what it is that is keeping you from losing weight, but it’s where I will also give you the tools and the strategies you need to engineer your own Fat Blueprint for adequate, long-term weight loss.

Take advantage of Early Access Pricing!

Save $200

Take advantage of early access pricing.


Get lifetime access to the course and new tools as The Fat Lab community grows and develops.

Having your own Fat Blueprint means being in control and having the court advantage over your fat.

  • No more fad diets

  • No more yo-yo weight fluctuations

  • No more anxiety that you’re doing it wrong

I know (believe me!), losing weight is tough work, and this approach doesn’t promise overnight weight loss (that’s actually dangerous and detrimental to your overall health).

This is a science-based approach where I will teach you how to understand the unique role fat plays in your unique body, and help you understand how to approach achieve and maintain a lifelong healthy weight.

A diet has to work for you psychologically, socially, and biologically.​

Most important is to find a regimen that you will stick with for life.. Not the latest quick-fix fad that others lose 10-pounds a week on. (Check on them in six months!)


The Fat Lab will guide you to find an effective lifestyle that you can live with and that matches your Fat Blueprint.

Act Now! Save $200

Your Journey
Step 1: Science as the Foundation

Understand how fat works in your body. Fat is an organ, and it plays a number of important roles in our bodies, from reproduction to brain power.


This is the first step towards understanding how to fight excess fat.

At the end of this step, you'll have a better understanding of how fat fights to stay on you. This lays the groundwork for decoding your fat blueprint.

Step 2: Decoding Your Current Fat Blueprint

Learn about the factors that make your fat easy or hard to lose. Genetics, hormones, age, gender, diet history, microbiome, and environment all play a role in making our fat more stubborn.


Take the Fat Assessment to see where you are on the stubborn fat scale. Your blueprint will be used in Step 4 to plot a course to a new you.

Step 3: War & Peace: Fat is Functional (and the Body Fights to Keep It)

One more stop on our way to Engineering a New You -- take a deeper dive into how the body uses fat. (Hint: it's an organ that keeps the human machine running.)


You'll need this deeper understanding of how and why fat fights to stay to set the stage for the next two steps.


When you know what you are up against, you can build the lifestyle and the mindset to get--and to stay--where you want to be. 

Step 4: Engineer Your New Fat Blueprint

This is it. Now we apply what we've learned so far.


Regardless of your predisposition for fat, you have the power to manipulate your body into weight loss.


But it’s very individual. Your diet needs to be customized for you: psychologically, socially, biologically. That's what makes it a lifestyle.

With the knowledge you've gained about you and your fat, you are ready to plan a lifestyle that works for you.

Step 5: Mind Over Fat

So far, we've talked a lot about the physical game.

Here, we focus on the mental game.


Fact is, if this were easy, you'd have already done it.

You have all the knowledge now. And a plan.


But success requires two more things.


A Meaningful Goal and Powerful Self-control Muscles.


And just like your body’s muscles, self-control gets stronger with strength training.

Let's build your self-control muscles.


My motivations for writing The Secret Life of Fat
(and bringing The Fat Lab to life) are very personal.

You see, for years I fought my fat.

And because I didn’t yet have an ally -- the science and the knowledge I eventually gained from my research -- it felt like I was fighting life. I would look at food and seemingly gain weight. It was all so unfair.

I don’t want the same experience for you. You have an ally now. The Fat Lab.

Community Support & Accountability

As part of The Fat Lab and The Secret Life of Fat community, you will benefit from the encouragement and accountability offered by others who are on a similar path. This program is ideal for those who want to take a science-based and holistic approach to lasting weight loss and weight management.

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