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by The Fat Lab
Track. Analyze. Adapt.
Put Machine Learning to work for your lifestyle goals

As recommended in The Secret Life of Fat and The Fat Lab, keeping a food and activity log is the best way to learn what works for you.


This habit lets you look back over your meals and activities and correlate them with changes in your goals, such as weight.

But how do you draw conclusions from months of journal entries?


MLog makes taking action based your log a little easier,
through Machine Learning.


It's easy.

Log meals and activities -- that you define.

Press Analyze.

Get results.

Let the machines do the hard work!

Log your meals, activities, and metrics ...

MLog looks at changes in your metrics, like weight, and correlates these with the food and activities that you've recorded.


See which items are associated with meeting your goal, with impeding your goals, or are neutral.

Use the results to guide your meal and activity choices! 

Get started today

Monthly subscription.

Cancel anytime. 

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